About DOT-01

Pronounced "dot zero one" (dät-ˈzirō wən)


DOT-01 products are made with you in mind. We’ve done our best to make a reliable and an affordable product for both the beginner and advanced photographer alike. (Made with premium Japanese cells!) Whether you’re heading out on an expedition to the West Indies or beginning a new chapter of your life at home, DOT-01 is behind you with the power you need to catch every moment.  


The DOT-01 Guarantee:

If you purchase our DOT-01 batteries from a retail location or our Amazon store, we support you and your new batteries for five full years after your purchase date. If you want to drop a compliment our way, or if you have a comment for us, we’re available five days a week for you.


Please Note:
If you are planning a trip somewhere extra COLD or HOT (Dog sledding in the arctic circle, cycling down an active volcano, or whatever you’re into these days) Lithium Ion batteries have a much shorter lifespan in extreme weather, so please, plan accordingly!